The Poety Call Box

This project was an interactive installation for all ages, designed to let people engage with poetry in a playful and non-threatening way.

When the phone rings from within the box, audience members answer it, and are greeted by the voice of The Poetry Robot, a highly developed artificial intelligence. Designed by the Department of Poetry, The Poetry Robot is consigned to exist within the box, which it isn’t too pleased about. However, it is being a kind-hearted being and, she assures us, defintely not fixated on human extermination.

Every audience interaction is unique, and at the end of the conversation, The Poetry Robot selects and prints a personalised poem it thinks the participant will benefit from, based on the conversation.

The Poetry Call Box was originally commission by the DNweekND to connect poetry with people who don’t already enjoy it, or feel intimidated by it. As such, it has been designed to be welcoming, playful and private. It allows participants to play, and receive a poem to remember the day with.

The installation also explores themes of artificial intellingence, and the role of machines in society.

As an installation, The Poetry Call Box can be re-purposed, re-programmed, re-scripted, with new poems commissioned. It has been featured at DNweekeND (July, 2015), Northern Art (2016), Sheffield By The Sea (2016), Hilsborough Festival (2016), and at Off The Shelf (2016).

"That was brilliant and funny, what a fabulous idea. Made me smile a lot!!!" - Audience member

"Epic!" - Audience

"Inspirational" - Audience

"It was weird and awesome. A great experience." - Audience

"Loved talking to the Robot! So funny and such a great idea!" - Audience

"Lovely interactive concept. Would work really well in a festival setting." – Audience