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Hi, I'm sdas

I make theatre and write, often working under the title Forest Sounds.

Outside of Forest Sounds, I'm a poet, writer, designer. I've worked in digital and installation, and have been an award-winning featured act all over the country.

Recently I helped throw a very strange party in a theatre warehouse that The Quietus said - to paraphrase - was as good as drugs ["for melting social anxiety"].

Before that I was inventing an absurd dystopian cult abased on the diary of a teenage girl, which an audience member described as "like mighty boosh meets songs of praise". State of the Arts gave it five stars too.

Then I was hacking 50 animatronic radios for a space-themed festival.

This was just after and lazer-cutting 800-piece jigsaws from photos of the Syria conflict.

My work is quite ecclectic. But it's always different, inclusive, and often participatory. I'm interested in the future of theatre, and the human species.

I've facillitated workshops for adults and young people for Crisis Skylight, Manchester Art Gallery, Hive South Yorkshire, Grimm & Co and other places.

When I’m not doing things like that I'll either be writing new work at my studio space or someplace in the UK doing supremely strange things. Or just having dinner.

Hi, I’m Andy Owen Cook.